Monday, October 5, 2009

Work from home Monday!

I usually avoid scheduling things on Monday just so I can have the luxury of working from home. Mondays usually involve a lot of emailing, phone calls, and such for NLC.  It also involves laundry,  dishes, and odds and ends around the house.  I like work from home Mondays.  

One of the odds and ends today was putting up bird feeders and taking down some of the hanging plants.  Our Bleeding Heart made it a long time (even frosted at least once!) but it has been sent to the back porch and has been replaced by a suet bell.  The cats are overjoyed at the appearance of the bird feeders.  In a small defiance toward my father :), I  like to leave the feeders up all year round.  He firmly believes that bird feeders are only for fall and winter or the birds will get lazy during the summer.  We just haven't had  them up lately because our previous ones got destroyed by squirrels and chipmunks.

I got a new feeder, inspired by my friend Alison, for Josh.  It's supposed to be squirrel proof (a "squirrel buster") but it's not working.  The squirrels and chipmunks cleaned it out last week faster that I could even fathom.  It is supposed to work by having a cage around the actual area that the seed is in that is weight sensitive.  If something heavier than a robin gets on the cage, it is supposed to drop down a little, sealing off the seed access points.  My hope is that the chipmunks and red squirrels who currently weigh to little to trip the cage will now be sufficiently overweight after last week's buffet.  We'll see.

We had a visitor last week!  Our friends Jim and Alison went on a vacation and their fur baby, Lloyd, came to stay with us.  He's super cute and we had a lot of fun with him.  I'm sorry this picture isn't better. :)  Josh took his camera and his awesome pictures with him to work today and I didn't get a chance to snag his card.  This picture, unfortunately looks like something I might send J&A to get ransom money. :P

Josh and I try to be "eco-friendly" in life.  For lots of reasons.. God gave us the Earth and has asked us to take care of it, we have to live here, and (maybe to us most important?) one day our children will have to live here and we want them to have a safe and healthy place to grow and thrive.   

We do things like take reuseable bags to the grocery store, try to buy things only in containers that can be recycled, recycle just about anything we can, "compost" in the backyard (currently involves us just chucking things into the tree line. :)), unplug things we aren't using, use the heat and AC minimally and never when we're not home, if we're buying coffee from a coffee shop, we only buy if we bring our own mugs (that are made from recycled #5s!), I try to buy only organic meat and eggs for my husband, I'm a vegan, our cats use compostable/recyclable litter, we have biodegradable garbage bags, we have a water efficient shower head, etc.  We try to do practical things. Things that people wouldn't even notice and that they could easily do themselves.  

We've been talking lately about stepping our game up by doing some "Vermicomposting" or worm composting.  It involves creating a habitat for worms and then adding food scraps from your garbage to this habitat.  The worms don't actually eat the waste, they eat the bacteria on the garbage.   Things they are given are mostly food scraps like fruits and veggies, but I've also seen them eat paper plates (not that we use those..), egg shells, and tea bags.  They can handle just about anything that isn't glass, metal, rubber, etc.  Pretty neat.

Since it's getting colder, we'd have to put our setup in the basement and Josh isn't thrilled about the idea.  We may wait to start up when it gets warmer out.  From everything I've read though, if you keep the box properly oxygenated and the worms healthy, it's supposed to be really low odor.   

Anyone out there have any experience with this?  

I'll try to post again soon.  I've gotten a lot of questions about New Life, doulaing, and some other things.  :)  

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