Monday, May 11, 2009

Updates Galore!

Even though I haven't been posting them, I have a few bits and pieces of different posts that I'm working on. :)  I will do my best to get back on some sort of posting schedule.  I appreciate your.. "encouraging" messages, etc.  :)

I had two bridal showers scheduled for before the wedding and I have one coming up post-wedding-ness. :)

The showers were so humbling for josh and me.  It was touching that so many people would be willing to take time out of their busy days and money out of their struggling wallets to support us and our new marriage.  

One shower was hosted by my d-group (discipleship, kinda like a bible study).  There was a lot of laughing in the games organized by my friend Amy and there were lots of delicious edibles.  :)   My d-group did a good job at all the "little touches"  there were pictures of Josh and me around, including on the cupcakes! (Heart shaped pictures glued together and stuck on a toothpick, how creative!!)  They also had some of my favorite foods, mmmm hummus! mmmm fruit!, mmmm carrot cake from Big City bakery!   It was a lot of fun.

The other shower was hosted by my home church, the Horton Congregational Church.  It was very lovely. :)  They hosted a tea party and both josh and I got to attend!  It was so pretty.  They had hydrangas (our wedding flower), all the food was vegan (except for the two sandwiches with meat :)), and everyone brought us bags of tea (I love tea!).  The ladies who planned the shower also created a hilarious game for Josh and me.  It was like "The Newlywed Game".  They had Josh pre-answer a whole bunch of questions without me knowing and then every once and a while Jenny would make me try to answer them.  Some of them were really easy and close ended, for example, "What was your first date?".  AND some of them were rediculously hard and open ended, for example, "What would Josh say is his favorite thing about you" or "What would Josh say annoys you most about him?".   Some of them were hard and embarrassing, like, "What is the first thing of Josh's you're going to throw away when you get married?" (I said three incorrect things before I gave up and just closed my mouth around my shoe) and "What annoys Josh most about you?" (The list just went on and on..) :).  

It was a lot of fun.  Another really neat thing about this shower is that thanks to my family's deep roots in Horton, there were women there who knew my great-great grandmother, and tons of Kuntz and Hammond women from years gone by.  They shared stories about them and the wonderful times they had together.  Most of the older women there also remember when I was a baby and shared memories about that too. :)  At one point it was almost a competition to see who was involved with the family the farthest back! I think Aunt Florence won. :) 

We had an amazing and unexpected surprise at the Horton shower, Josh's grandma and grandpa Sergent came down from the Cadillac area!  Quite the trek for one shower!  I started to cry when I saw them and I think they became quickly concerned/confused. :)  My mom later explained that all my grandparents are passed and the fact that they cared so much for josh and me meant more than any gift could possibly mean.  

Josh and I are so blessed.  Words can't express. Everyone should know the love that we feel from all of our family members (technically related or not!).

Off to Ella time!  Ella update coming soon. :)  Love!

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  1. Aunt Florence always wins. She knows everything about everybody.