Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"things like this are bound to happen"

"Things like this are bound to happen."

What was this in regards to? 

My veil got thrown away on accident!!  I didn't know it was gone until I needed it for my hair practice day this past weekend!  What a shock!! :) 

Thankfully, the person that accidentally threw it away redeemed him/herself by finding it and bringing it to me at the salon on my hair practice day!

I'm quite eager to find out what else is bound to happen.  I did notice a lot of orange barrels in front of the Ann Arbor City Club yesterday.  :|   No one asked us if they could do construction during our wedding season!  AND Orange isn't even one of our colors!!

This isn't what my hair will look like, (I'm confident all mothers would be upset if I revealed my hair before the "big day"!), just a teaser. :)


  1. Think that had something to do with your using shower gifts before the wedding? ;)

    Glad it was found- and you updated tons!


  2. how fun. is that your headpiece too? it looks similar to mine. love the headband style. :)