Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let me tell you about Miss Ella Rose,

Let me tell you about Miss Ella Rose.  She's a living miracle.  She's proof of the love, grace, and mercy of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  

Ella is doing amazing!  She's a little over a month seizure free (praise the Lord!).  It's amazing to think of how she was just a little over a month ago:  seizing sometimes 30+ times a day, non-verbal, non-Mobile, and generally non-responsive.  

Now! She's a chatty, giggly, happy 3 year old.  It's hard to keep her down!  She's making amazing strides at PT, OT, and speech therapy.  It seems like she picks up new words everyday, tries new things regularly, and is just loving life.  

This change has been really great for her family too. :)  They have a renewed sense of purpose and hope.  Today, they're where Ella will go to school next year and they're creating her new IEP.  For once, they're not planning day to day, they're planning for an extend future.  I think that now Ella has been seizure free for a month, even if / when she has breakthrough seizures, they know that it is possible to be seizure free/controlled and that they can get to that point again. 

Pics just because she's so  cute :)

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