Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birthday Madness!

I turned 25 on May 25th!

It had always been my plan to go skydiving on my 25th birthday. Josh asked me to refrain from doing so because he was concerned his bride would die 5 days before their wedding. :)

Even though I didn't get to go skydiving, Josh made my 25th extra special by throwing me a day long surprise party!

He picked me up in the morning and he brought with him coffee, a rose, and amazing card (I love cards). We then drove off into the woods for what seemed to be forever (I think when I'm excited time slows down just to spite me). We ended up at the Pinkney Rec. area! He planned a surprise birthday cook-out! Lots of my friends came, we ate great food, played bocci ball, volleyball, football, and Frisbee, talked, and talked.

The cook-out ended so people could have the chance to change clothes, and then some of us met back up in Ann Arbor to play Whirlyball! IT WAS AMAZING!! If you've never heard of whrilyball, it's a game played on bumper cars! You get one of those scoopy throw-y things and you and a team have to try to throw a wiffle ball through a little hole.. while on bumper cars! It was so much fun and I have whiplash and bruises to prove it. :)

After that, Josh took me out to dinner to a bar in Ypsilanti called Sidetrack (No, not Sidetrack Tap for you PHC enthusiasts). It was so good.

Post dinner, we were so exhausted we went back to Josh's and flopped on the couch. I didn't linger long, if I had hung much longer I wouldn't have been safe to drive!

Speaking of Josh's house, I'm all moved in! Josh is staying with his mom and Owen for the rest of the week and Stephanie and I are livin' large in the condo!

Josh is so amazing. I can't believe all the time and effort he put into planning the birthday day for me. It was so special. I am blessed beyond belief. I loves him so much.

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