Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well, Well, Well.

Well, well, well, Craig, it turns out you're not really that helpful. You gave me false hope. *sigh* Maybe we'll try to re-post them and hope for better results the second time around. Interestingly, the only item we sold came from my post about Craigslist. :) Thanks Carter :).

Today is my first bridal shower! Should be fun. I'm a little nervous about all the attention, etc. But I am constantly reminded that people are happy for us, want to give us presents, and celebrate. :)

Hey, you, that got a wedding invite and haven't responded yet- please RSVP. Especially if you have a preference on what you want to eat. If you RSVP late, you'll be at our mercy in regards to food and cake! :)

Who wouldn't want to party with these people?

35 days!

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