Saturday, April 25, 2009

Well, Well, Well.

Well, well, well, Craig, it turns out you're not really that helpful. You gave me false hope. *sigh* Maybe we'll try to re-post them and hope for better results the second time around. Interestingly, the only item we sold came from my post about Craigslist. :) Thanks Carter :).

Today is my first bridal shower! Should be fun. I'm a little nervous about all the attention, etc. But I am constantly reminded that people are happy for us, want to give us presents, and celebrate. :)

Hey, you, that got a wedding invite and haven't responded yet- please RSVP. Especially if you have a preference on what you want to eat. If you RSVP late, you'll be at our mercy in regards to food and cake! :)

Who wouldn't want to party with these people?

35 days!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do weddings create Marthas out of Marys?

It's pretty common knowledge that I (Sa-Ma) am a busy person.  I like to be busy, I like to be involved in.. things, and be on the go!  Josh isn't quite the same.  He likes to have maybe 2 things on his plate at once and that's all.  It's just a difference in our personalities.  I admit that since Josh and I've been together, I've pushed quite a few things off of my plate.  Our relationship is important to me and being able to give ample amounts of time to is key.  :)

People ask us a lot "How is the wedding planning going?" but few ask us how our marriage planning is going.  It seems to me, that one often gets in the way of the other.  

Wedding planning is a busy, busy thing.  I think Martha of the New Testament would probably be good at it.  We meet Martha in the book of Luke, chapter 10.

Jesus has come to visit Martha and her sister, Mary.  Mary is sitting at the feet of Jesus, listening to all He has to say and just soaking up all she could from him.  Martha is rushing around, getting food out, making sure things are clean (maybe even extra clean?), and trying to throw a great welcome party.  

Martha soon gets overwhelmed and starts asking, "Why isn't Mary helping me?!"  Jesus tells Martha that only one thing in life is needed (Him) and that Mary has chosen it and all of Martha's rushing and preparing means nothing in the end.  

It's true.  How many parties do you remember all the details from?  How many wedding memories do you have?  Josh and I are certain that we won't remember a thing from Jack's sermon that we've hired our friend Kyle to video it for us.    

However, I bet if you're a Believer, you remember that time when God met you when you were low and feeling worthless.  Or when you decided to give your heart to Him and life a life that glorifies Him.  I bet you can't forget your "burning bush moments" or the times you saw Jesus and got to know Him better through the life of someone else.  

It's Josh and my hope that our wedding is wonderful but that our marriage is AMAZING!.  All the wedding planning, it's just Martha-ness.  We need to be Marys, sit at the feet of Jesus and let Him teach us what a real marriage is.  

John 15:13,  greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend (partner, bride, husband, wife, sister, brother, neighbor).  

Lord help us lay down our lives.

Dear Craig, we love you! (and your lists)

Josh and I have been doing some spring cleaning.  We've been going through our stuff (mostly his since my belongings are in roughly three different homes currently) and deciding what we'd like to keep and what we'd like to get rid of.   We decided that a lot of what we'd like to get rid of is pretty high quality stuff and ANYONE would be lucky to own our items. ;)  jk.   We've decided to put a bunch of the items on Craigslist and see if we can change our 'trash' into treasure. 

Here are the things we've posted:
-Subwoofer with 12 inch speakers and an amp (Josh built this)
-Capresso Mini-S espresso maker (new! new! new!)
-PS2 games
-Xbox games
-Stereo system

I've gotten a few emails bform people stating they're interested, but so far no one has picked any of our times to keep for their very own.  We thought a person was coming on Saturday to pick up the huge sub thing-y but he never showed (poor Josh, had to drag that huge, heavy thing up from the basement).  I've gotten multiple emails about the espresso maker and the ps2 games.  :) Hopefully tomorrow I'll get rid of them.  

It was a lot easier to post things than I imagined.  Previously, I've posted housing and searched for housing, but never items.  I'm not sure why I thought it would be so hard.  The ease of it makes me want to put all sorts of things up there. :) 

I think all money brought in will be directed right to the honeymoon or wedding fund.  Seems like a good idea.  :) 

Friday, April 10, 2009


This morning, in a record 17 minutes and 19 seconds I made reservations for all our meals while at Disney!   Thanks to a nice person named Mark for making my Disney dining dreams come true.   

Here's the run-down:

Monday- Dinner at the Coral Reef, 8:30pm, by the aquarium
Tuesday- Boma (African cuisine) 4:50
Wednesday- Breakfast with Mickey and Minnie!!!!  11:10am
Thursday- Marakkesh 5:30pm
Friday Breakfast at the Wilderness  Lodge 9:20am
Saturday- Citrico's 6:00pm

Yay, yay, yay!

I was pretty nervous about calling just from Bonnie's horror stories and her concern that when they went to Disney earlier this year, she was convinced she was going to lose weight because they couldn't get reservations. :) 

How great is that?  AND Disney is pretty vegan friendly. :) 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Every bride is different. Some organize by having big binders that the stuff things in, some use a post-it note system, some do everything online, etc. Similarly, all brides panic about different things. Location, attendance, gifts, colors matching, food, anything, really. I haven't figured out what my panic "thing" is yet but I'm sure I will.

When Josh and I met with Jack Brown, the person who is performing our wedding ceremony, he told a couple good stories about people who did panic. One was about a bride who refused to get out of the limo, not because she didn't want to get married but because she didn't want everyone looking at her (valid!). He also gave us some tips on how to avoid disasters at the altar. He suggested:
-Extra chairs in the front in case someone in the wedding party gets light headed and needs a sit.
-Tissues (allergies, or "allergies" ahem.)
-Water bottles
-Something like a paper bag or manual fan might have been suggested too.

He also recommended having everyone be aware of good places to throw up are and how to escape gracefully if needed. :) I like Jack.

I've liked Jack since 1995 and am blessed beyond measure that he has agreed to be the person to assist Josh and I in making our vows to God and each other.

Josh and 4 of his 5 grooms people got fitted for tuxes today and let me tell you, I've had to tighten my chastity belt another two notches-- just in case. :) Purity safe, I can tell you Josh looked so good!! (How many days to go?!!) He also did a great job making decisions and organizing his men.

My parents came to the tux fitting and enjoyed meeting all of the groomsmen. My mom is determined to remember their names and little things about them. Tonight they were remembering their names based on what they were wearing.. hopefully the little things about them will stick in their minds. :)

After the fittings, Josh and his 4 out of 5 groomsmen headed off to Bible study. Mom, Dad, and I went out for dinner! :) We had Chinese. I always get the same thing at the place we go- Rainbow Tofu. i luv tofu. It was a lot of fun (as usual!) and we got to catch up some. The night ended on an "AWWWWWW" note when my parents got matching fortunes from their fortune cookies that said, ":) happiness accompanies you wherever you go :)"

Josh and I should be so blessed to be like my parents and have happiness (each other) accompany us wherever we go. :).

Two of our friends Shawn and Nichole made a promise to not spend a night apart for their first year of marriage. Nichole says they've made it thus far and have no plans that involve them being apart.

Josh and I thought this was great. :) We'd like to say we could do a whole year, but I've already committed to being away for one week in August (Hello Michigan Congregational Summer Camp!) but other than that, I think we might try to give it a go. :) Thanks Shawn and Nichole for the great idea.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bound to happen sooner or later..

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. Eventually, we would forget to send someone an invite and then realize we forgot them.

This weekend, I was working on compiling a list of addresses for my HCC family. In the process of doing that, I was looking at the envelope .doc Josh created and noticed a very important person missing- his dad. What! It explained why we hadn't received a reply card from him, etc.

I felt bad but am hoping to remedy the bad feeling by dropping the invite in the mail today.

Thank goodness I already have the Bryan seal of approval. Who knows, maybe without the seal, the wedding would be off! :) jk.

Josh and his dad (Bryan) trying to out scruff and out UofM each other around New Year's 2008

Things have been pretty good around the Ann Arbor area. Josh was away for the tail end of last week and the weekend. He was on a men's retreat through young life called, True Pursuit (Informational Link!). Sounds like he had a great time of learning, growth, and fellowship. He got to do things like listen to great speakers, shoot skeet, talk about man stuff and how to be a better man of God,smoke cigars (ugh), and stay up late. From listening to him talk about his weekend, it sounds like God really revealed Himself to Josh and that Josh gained a lot of new perspective and had his eyes opened more to how to be a man of God.

I'm proud of him. :)