Friday, March 20, 2009

"This couple's a genuis"

My sister has a great shirt. :) It's got two big thumbs pointing up toward her face and it says, "This girl's a genius!". I love it. Whenever I do something silly, I point toward myself and say, "This girls' a genius!". Well, Josh and I had a "this couple's a genius" moment the other day. We clearly (CLEARLY) weren't thinking correctly when we purchased our invitation kits. We knew we needed to invite roughly 225 people to get our target goal of 160-170 guests, so what did we do? We bought 225 invites. CLEARLY NOT THINKING!! We were an invite making machine- we had the printer just shooting all 225 out like some sort of high-powered invitation gun (whatever.). We got all 225 of our inserts printed, stamped, and separated. Then came time for the part we were really nervous about- printing the envelopes. (Praise Jesus Josh worked for awhile at Kinko's. He was a mail merge pro and got the envelopes printing. I was really intimidated.) When he was printing the document, he noticed there were only.. 94 to be printed! We calculated our invitation needs not by couples or families but by individuals. So, we purchased and printed TONS more than we needed. :) When Josh realized what we'd done, he yelled out, "This couple's a genius!" I think out of the whole 225 we printed, we will use probably 110 at most. :) Josh had a great idea to use the pretty sleeves that the invites go in again when we do our thank you notes (I think he was doing disaster control).

Anyway, we got a all but a few invites in the mail an
d it feels good to have them gone. Josh and I worked great getting them all printed, prettified, and in the mail. Josh even figured out a way to speed up the stamping process. I admit to being a grouchy girl the night of narrowing down the guest list, but other than that, it went smoothly.

I think soon, I'll do a post all about what future brides
need to know about wedding planning. :) How to calculate number of invites needed will most def. be on that list.

Ella bella is sleeping next to me as I post this. She looks like an angel. Josh and I should be so blessed to have a house full of Ellas one day. :) <3

In other news, in the epic battle of Tofu V. Bacon, it looks like tofu is dom
inating and is considering whether or not to throw bacon in to an endless abyss. What do you think? Should Monsieur Tofu give bacon the old heave ho?


  1. Haha! I so nearly made this mistake ... and thus have 200 envelopes (fortunately I figured it out before I bought the rest of the supplies).
    Glad your invites are mailed! I'm still working on mine.

  2. oh no! i happened to be playing around in papryus at the mall one day getting ideas and the sales woman said "just remember, when you're ordering, divide your guest list by 2 and add 25." it was good advice to use when we went and bought our invites elsewhere. i think we had less than 10 extra!