Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Now for a fun post!

As some of you may know, I play in the Ypsilanti Community Band. In this band, there are a number of very fine musicians. We have recruited 3 of these musicians to play at our wedding! They will be playing during the "cocktail hour" (The time we get all our pictures done) and then during dinner. I do not think we'll be keeping them around for the reception chunk that includes dancing, etc. but we're pretty excited to have them as a part of our wedding celebration.

Something that as been important to Josh and me since we got engaged is to make sure we're not just planning our wedding, but planning our marriage as well. My mentor, Kirsten, encouraged us to come up with a mission statement for our engagement, a way for us to keep focused on God and His goals for our lives and our marriage.

We came up with (something like) "Build a relationship foundation that models how Christ loves the Church". (No, we don't play in traffic or run with scissors to try and practice giving up our lives..). We had a lot of sub points, or ways to accomplish this.

We started premarital counseling through our church, New Life, and the pastor leading it wants us to come up with a mission statement for our marriage. Sounds like survival is key, so I'm sure we'll work that in somehow. ;) However, it seems like a lot of our engagement goals will carry over in to our marriage. I suppose that's the way it should be though, couples constantly learning and growing together. Anyone have any mission statement suggestions?

Okay. Have a great day. :)

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