Monday, March 30, 2009


Josh's mom, Bonnie, harrassed Josh and me for a new post this weekend.  So, thanks to Bonnie's harassment, you've got a new post. :)

This post will be all about our honeymoon!  Josh's mom and
 her husband, Owen, are giving us our honeymoon as a gift! Josh's dad, Bryan and his wife, Loretta also gave us a donation toward our honeymoon!  We're humbled and honored by them.  It's hard to believe their generosity. 

So, I bet you're wondering where we're going and what we're doing etc., etc.,.  

Well,  Josh says it best when he says,

Bonnie and Owen are sending us for a week long vacation to Disney World!  We're really excited.  Other grown-ups we've talked to had a blast there.   

We don't have all the details yet, we know we have park passes, a meal plan, and lodging.   Did I mention we have lodging?


Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort.   More info here

We're really excited.  I'm not sure how to express how excited we are.  

Okay, back to work. :)  <3 


  1. That's awesome! I live in Orlando and haven't even been since I've lived here. I'm totally jealous! That's gonna be amazing. :-)

  2. wow! that sounds awesome! you two are g oing to have a great time.