Sunday, March 15, 2009

Faux Father and Other Mother

Josh and I have a pretty fun life. :) We get to do all sorts of fun things, go fun places, meet fun people, etc. You get the picture. :)

Something that has been super fun for us lately is making people wonder. :) We have been doing this a variety of ways, however, the main way is through "misrepresentation".

We're not really lying, we're just not saying anything. :) What do I mean??

Way #1:

Josh's little brother, Andrew, has been joining us for church for the past couple months. He's ten and great.

When he's with us, we of course are "stand in parents". We take care of him just like his mom and dad would. We even do the cute drop-him-off-at-school thing. :) Only, it's Sunday School. One of us usually drops him off (this is decided by Rock, Paper, Scissors) gives him a big hug and says something to the effect of, "Have fun at class sweetie, I'll see you right after" or "Do good buddy, I love you". This leads the ever rotating staff to wonder just who is that attractive couple that keeps dropping this delightful child off? The best moment thus far has been when a pastor's wife walked up to me and said, "I thought I knew all the moms and New Life." and I said, "Maybe not!" (Later, I revealed that I was not Andrew's mom..).

Anyway, we are the talk of the church. :)

Way #2:

This is my Ella! :) She is the joy that I spend my days with. She's great. She's 3 and is very special in many ways. Learn more about Ella here:

Ella is so much fun. We have a great time together. Ella, like me, likes to go to the mall, Meijer, Target, and when the weather is nicer, the park! :) To be able to do all these things, I needed.. a car seat! So, now I have one in the Buick. :) People now think that Josh and I have a 10yr old and a baby. :) They've never met the baby, but why would we have a car seat if we didn't have a baby stashed somewhere?

When Ella and I go on our little adventures, people ask me things like "How old is she?" "Where did you get your stroller?" "Aww, does always ____?" etc. and I just answer without explaning that I'm the nanny, etc :)

The next deception will come tomorrow, when Ella's dad and I take her to a medical appointment. :) Who will the staff think I am? Homewrecking hussey? :)


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