Monday, March 30, 2009


Josh's mom, Bonnie, harrassed Josh and me for a new post this weekend.  So, thanks to Bonnie's harassment, you've got a new post. :)

This post will be all about our honeymoon!  Josh's mom and
 her husband, Owen, are giving us our honeymoon as a gift! Josh's dad, Bryan and his wife, Loretta also gave us a donation toward our honeymoon!  We're humbled and honored by them.  It's hard to believe their generosity. 

So, I bet you're wondering where we're going and what we're doing etc., etc.,.  

Well,  Josh says it best when he says,

Bonnie and Owen are sending us for a week long vacation to Disney World!  We're really excited.  Other grown-ups we've talked to had a blast there.   

We don't have all the details yet, we know we have park passes, a meal plan, and lodging.   Did I mention we have lodging?


Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort.   More info here

We're really excited.  I'm not sure how to express how excited we are.  

Okay, back to work. :)  <3 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's a what? and Colloquialisms.

On Sundays, I usually make a hhuugeee something so Josh and I don't have to make our lunches during the week. It's a good system. Josh and I don't tend to get sick of food quickly, so eating the same thing for 7 days isn't an issue.

This past Sunday, I was making a huge Shepherd's pie and was running out of clean pots and pans and thought I didn't have one big enough for what I wanted, but then found one that looked like it would work. I turned the burner on, threw in some oil and onions and the onions started burning. I was confused. This had never happened before, it's pretty hard to burn anything in these pans.

I showed the burn marks to Josh and he was confused and disappointed too and we figured we'd check out the warranty and take care of it. NBD. Well, after I left to go home, Josh made a startling discovery while doing the dishes.. it wasn't actually a pan, it was a lid! It looks just like a pan (except it didn't have one long handle, it had two shorter, wing handles on either side) and apparently a little inscription that says "this is not a pan" or whatever. Josh got all the burnt stuff off and the lid is good to go.. as a lid and not a pan.

Too bad, really. It was a great size.

Josh and I grew up in pretty different areas of Michigan. I grew up quite rural, classic small town America with fishing contests, tractor parades, and pie auctions. Josh grew up in more "urbanized" areas like Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor.

While there are many differences, probably the most amazing difference is the difference in language and random colloquialisms. For example: Josh went with my family and me to a visitation for a dead relative. In the parking lot of the funeral home, a woman told my mom she hadn't seen her "in a coon's age". Josh had never heard this before! Pretty classic statement (similar to "when Hector was a pup"). But Josh wasn't quite sure what it meant and wanted to know how long a coon's age is.

Another phrase he had never heard was "bull in a china shop". He claims it's because I mumble and it sounds like bowl not bull. Don't believe him.

Most recently, I used the phrase "one bad apples spoils to whole bunch". It was actually in regards to a bag of apples I purchased where most of them were icky. But, Josh had no idea that such a useful phrase existed!

It's all fair, I suppose since he says things I don't understand mainly because it's hard to tell if it's a good word or bad word. Most recently, janky. He said something was janky and I didn't know if he liked it or didn't.

We usually figure out what we mean. I'm pretty sure he'll never pick up my y'all and all y'all habit, and I have no intention whatsoever of picking up some of his vocab.

I think the topic of premarital counseling this week is communication. Ha. :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

"This couple's a genuis"

My sister has a great shirt. :) It's got two big thumbs pointing up toward her face and it says, "This girl's a genius!". I love it. Whenever I do something silly, I point toward myself and say, "This girls' a genius!". Well, Josh and I had a "this couple's a genius" moment the other day. We clearly (CLEARLY) weren't thinking correctly when we purchased our invitation kits. We knew we needed to invite roughly 225 people to get our target goal of 160-170 guests, so what did we do? We bought 225 invites. CLEARLY NOT THINKING!! We were an invite making machine- we had the printer just shooting all 225 out like some sort of high-powered invitation gun (whatever.). We got all 225 of our inserts printed, stamped, and separated. Then came time for the part we were really nervous about- printing the envelopes. (Praise Jesus Josh worked for awhile at Kinko's. He was a mail merge pro and got the envelopes printing. I was really intimidated.) When he was printing the document, he noticed there were only.. 94 to be printed! We calculated our invitation needs not by couples or families but by individuals. So, we purchased and printed TONS more than we needed. :) When Josh realized what we'd done, he yelled out, "This couple's a genius!" I think out of the whole 225 we printed, we will use probably 110 at most. :) Josh had a great idea to use the pretty sleeves that the invites go in again when we do our thank you notes (I think he was doing disaster control).

Anyway, we got a all but a few invites in the mail an
d it feels good to have them gone. Josh and I worked great getting them all printed, prettified, and in the mail. Josh even figured out a way to speed up the stamping process. I admit to being a grouchy girl the night of narrowing down the guest list, but other than that, it went smoothly.

I think soon, I'll do a post all about what future brides
need to know about wedding planning. :) How to calculate number of invites needed will most def. be on that list.

Ella bella is sleeping next to me as I post this. She looks like an angel. Josh and I should be so blessed to have a house full of Ellas one day. :) <3

In other news, in the epic battle of Tofu V. Bacon, it looks like tofu is dom
inating and is considering whether or not to throw bacon in to an endless abyss. What do you think? Should Monsieur Tofu give bacon the old heave ho?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Now for a fun post!

As some of you may know, I play in the Ypsilanti Community Band. In this band, there are a number of very fine musicians. We have recruited 3 of these musicians to play at our wedding! They will be playing during the "cocktail hour" (The time we get all our pictures done) and then during dinner. I do not think we'll be keeping them around for the reception chunk that includes dancing, etc. but we're pretty excited to have them as a part of our wedding celebration.

Something that as been important to Josh and me since we got engaged is to make sure we're not just planning our wedding, but planning our marriage as well. My mentor, Kirsten, encouraged us to come up with a mission statement for our engagement, a way for us to keep focused on God and His goals for our lives and our marriage.

We came up with (something like) "Build a relationship foundation that models how Christ loves the Church". (No, we don't play in traffic or run with scissors to try and practice giving up our lives..). We had a lot of sub points, or ways to accomplish this.

We started premarital counseling through our church, New Life, and the pastor leading it wants us to come up with a mission statement for our marriage. Sounds like survival is key, so I'm sure we'll work that in somehow. ;) However, it seems like a lot of our engagement goals will carry over in to our marriage. I suppose that's the way it should be though, couples constantly learning and growing together. Anyone have any mission statement suggestions?

Okay. Have a great day. :)

Never again!

Last night was a long night. Josh and I are just about ready to do the envelopes for our invites (fingers crossed that at least the first wave will go out Thursday or Friday!) and that means we needed to nail down the guest list.

After the first pass, we had about 45 more people than we could invite. It was devastating. I had no idea what to do, so I called my mom. We called my mom because it was my fault we were so far over. I had such a hard time figuring out who to ask to celebrate from afar. My mom was helpful in that when she sent us her address list, they were separated in to people we had to invite due to their placement in the family tree and who we didn't have to unless we wanted to. Also, when it came down to the actual removal of people, she let me know which groups were brothers and sisters, etc.


It was stressful. I was almost in tears about a dozen times. I was grumpy (sorry Josh..). But we figured it all out. A lot of the people who we decided we couldn't invite to the wedding are instead invited to a bridal shower and they will be given a lot of compensatory hugs.

I wanted to invite everyone, but in the wedding game, it's just not possible.

Josh suggested we elope that way no one gets invited and it's much more fair. A lot less like a wedding we imagined, but a lot more fair.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It had to be...


Josh got me a reeeeallly nice set of cookware for a wedding gift (awww :)). It came in the mail maybe a month ago and it hadn't been used until yesterday (mainly because Josh had to hand wash each piece individually before we could use it..). Yesterday morning, I made Josh and Andrew bacon to accompany the awesome oatmeal that they made.

I would say, you'd be hard pressed to find a vegan bacon maker as good as me. I'm trying to stay humble about it, but I would say between Ella and the boys, I make at least half a pack of bacon a week and in that time, I've gotten to be pretty good at it. I've tried to find a vegan bacon makin' community, but it doesn't seem to exist.

I'm happy to make bacon, but did it really have to be the FIRST thing I made in my new, awesome cookware? I didn't pick the pan, it was waiting for me when I got to Josh's. :)

Faux Father and Other Mother

Josh and I have a pretty fun life. :) We get to do all sorts of fun things, go fun places, meet fun people, etc. You get the picture. :)

Something that has been super fun for us lately is making people wonder. :) We have been doing this a variety of ways, however, the main way is through "misrepresentation".

We're not really lying, we're just not saying anything. :) What do I mean??

Way #1:

Josh's little brother, Andrew, has been joining us for church for the past couple months. He's ten and great.

When he's with us, we of course are "stand in parents". We take care of him just like his mom and dad would. We even do the cute drop-him-off-at-school thing. :) Only, it's Sunday School. One of us usually drops him off (this is decided by Rock, Paper, Scissors) gives him a big hug and says something to the effect of, "Have fun at class sweetie, I'll see you right after" or "Do good buddy, I love you". This leads the ever rotating staff to wonder just who is that attractive couple that keeps dropping this delightful child off? The best moment thus far has been when a pastor's wife walked up to me and said, "I thought I knew all the moms and New Life." and I said, "Maybe not!" (Later, I revealed that I was not Andrew's mom..).

Anyway, we are the talk of the church. :)

Way #2:

This is my Ella! :) She is the joy that I spend my days with. She's great. She's 3 and is very special in many ways. Learn more about Ella here:

Ella is so much fun. We have a great time together. Ella, like me, likes to go to the mall, Meijer, Target, and when the weather is nicer, the park! :) To be able to do all these things, I needed.. a car seat! So, now I have one in the Buick. :) People now think that Josh and I have a 10yr old and a baby. :) They've never met the baby, but why would we have a car seat if we didn't have a baby stashed somewhere?

When Ella and I go on our little adventures, people ask me things like "How old is she?" "Where did you get your stroller?" "Aww, does always ____?" etc. and I just answer without explaning that I'm the nanny, etc :)

The next deception will come tomorrow, when Ella's dad and I take her to a medical appointment. :) Who will the staff think I am? Homewrecking hussey? :)


Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Most Disgusting Post Ever.

Last Tuesday, Josh and I came down with nasty, nasty E. coli (technically, he started on Tuesday, I started Wednesday night).

I (Sa-Ma) am getting most of the blame for this. The likely culprit is a salad we had on Monday night. Since it was a salad, thus the vegan is to blame. Whatever. :)

We were calling it "surprise-arrhea" before we knew what was going on. We called it that because outside of the fact we had horrible diarrhea we felt fine. :) We'd be going along just fine and then.. bam!

We're on our last day of antibiotics today (we got matching prescriptions!) and are almost all the way better.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Identity Crisis :)

Josh and I are in a pretty unique position- we don't have a last name yet.

We don't want to take his current last name (Schober) for personal reasons and he's not interested in my last name (Kuntz) because he's afraid our kids will be tormented. That leaves us with a wide world of choices.

Below is a list that's been compiled by Josh, The Boy, The Girl,my parents, our friends, and me.

Sergent (Josh's biological dad's last name)
Gun (Gunn)
Freeby (Free-bee)
and a million combinations of our names.

Some of them are viable, but I'm not revealing which ones because we haven't made a decision.

It's a pretty interesting place to be. Sure, life would be easier if we had a name, but it's fun to think about the important people in our lives and what we want our family and our family's name to stand for.

We'd like to have this figured out soon and we think we might have it narrowed down to three. :)

My mom things the sooner the better in case people want to monogram things for us. :P That hadn't even occurred to us!

So, in the end, we're looking for something that goes with:

Joshua David _____________
Sara-Marie Kuntz ____________

Suggestions welcome for entertainment purposes. :) <3

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Young Couple Shoots Up Local Retailer"

We have been trying to do our registry stuff for weeks now. We've gotten some of it sorted out online, but it seems a lot of it we are going to have to do in-store.

I think the whole idea that people are going to go and buy us presents is a little overwhelming and a lot humbling to us. I think the economy is one big reason we feel this way. It blows our minds that people want to buy us dishes when maybe they aren't working, have kids in school, etc. No thank you card will ever express what it means to us that they/you want us to have a "good start" in married life.

Anyway, we went to Target on Sunday before we went out to dinner with The Boy and The Girl to Qdoba. We were there so long that the battery on the gun thingy died. :) We shot all sorts of interesting things. Stuff from cleaning products to tents and dishes to an avocado slicer (Josh's new favorite hobby is slicing avocados) and a new George Foreman.

It was a good time all in all. It was fun to dream and click on things just for entertainment. Josh tried to add me to the registry multiple times, but it didn't work. I think we need to go back to Target one more time and make a trip to JC Penny.

At the end of the day we will be registered at (click on them to view our registries):

We had a lot of fun together and we are eager to fill our house with love AND gadgets (awwwwwwwww :)).