Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Retail Awesomeness!

Saturday Josh and I went to Ikea. It was my very first trip there and it was crazy. He had to explain how everything worked and why there were two floors and why people had bags but he told me there wasn't anything to buy upstairs, etc. It was entertaining. He humored me and we walked through the whole upstairs (showroom) and then we went down to the buying area and got.. curtians! Josh hasn't had curtians in his home since he moved in. :) We got curtians and rods and it was VERY exciting.

We ended up going back on Sunday because a couple of the rods weren't right (we may or may not have forgotten to take our measurements) and just exchanged them and did not adventure upstairs.

After Ikea, we stopped at Lowe's to get a hack saw (the rods needed a couple inches taken off) and.. a new hanging lamp! Josh broke the old one when he swung a golf club inside. :P After he broke the fixture off of it, we began calling it the naked light and Josh wouldn't let anyone turn it on. But now, no more naked light! There's a beautiful hanging lamp with a leaf vine and decoration.

We're trying to make up a list of little things we want for the house and budget money each month to buy them. We might get a tall cafe like table in March. It must be big enough for our scrabble board. :)

We're doing like pregnant women, nesting. :) I think we're just eager to live together and start married life. The whole wedding is just a bonus.

Yesterday, I went shopping. I don't go shopping much but when I do, I try to do it right. :)

Here were my shopping goals:
1. New black dress for concert band and general fun
2. Underwear.
3. Socks
4. Earrings to match new dress (if I got one)

I went to 4 different stores looking for an all black dress. One woman told me she wasn't sure if she's ever seen an all black dress. What? Seriously? I ended up finding one that has a cool circle neck with some jewels around it. Not as inexpensive as I would like, but plenty cute. :)

After the dress purchase, I headed to JCPenny, an all time favorite of mine. :) Secured a new pair of earrings (25% off!), went and rifled through the socks (not on sale..) and (!) then went to peruse the undies and found bins of underwear that were $1.99 a pair!! This is a huge deal. Usually undies are anywhere from $3.50 to $7.50 a pair. I got 10 pairs. :) In the end, I saved almost twice as much as I spent AND I had a gift card, so I used it AND still had money left over.

Good day.

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